5 Weird Things To See & Do In Prague

Prague, set in the middle of the Bohemian region and the capital of the Czech Republic is known as the City of Spires, but was the BoHo style started here, or has it been adopted? Here’s the top 5 strangest sights you’ll find in Prague



Also known as the Puma Bar, it’s a popular haunt with the local students as the drink prices are great, the atmosphere is friendly and the music is good. Also, there’s three Pumas that live outside. You’ll see them casually stretching in the sun, or having a quick snooze. While the enclosures may look insecure and small, the Pumas actually have plenty of space hidden away, but like their smaller cousins actually enjoy the attention. If you’re lucky you’ll see the owner taking one for a walk around the block – a puma on a leash?

The Magical Cavern

Hidden halfway up the quiet side of Petrin hill is a small house, the home of Reon Argondian a reclusive and shunned artist who decided that a normal gallery was not a suitable place for his work. Displaying his paintings of fairies, dragons, trolls and elves, the exhibition spreads beyond the frames, with the walls, floor and even ceiling decorated to create the Magical Cavern. Only 70ck entrance makes it affordable, and free sangria is a nice bonus.

Prague TV Tower

Might not sound so weird – but then you need to know about the giant babies crawling up the side. David Černý is a local artist who seems to be have been given carte blanche to have fun in Prague. You’ll find a few pieces around the city, but the babies are his most known, and easiest to find making their way up and down the huge building.

Cross Club

Just around the corner from Plus Prague, the Busabout recommended accommodation is the confusingly designed labyrinthine bar known as Cross Club. Actually an accumulation of various enterprises, bars, cafes, clubs, restaurants, the building is riddled with rooms, corridors and staircases that make exploring so much fun. Deep house in the basement, Punk rock on the first floor, DnB in the attic and reggae in the garden, the more you explore the more you’ll enjoy. PS. look out for the lightboard on the third (fourth?) floor and write a message to back home.

Sex Machines Museum

With a collection that includes masks, dildos, whips, restraints, chairs and so so much more, dating from the 16th Century onwards, this museum contains gadgets stranger than you could ever imagine for use in the bedroom. There are dummies there to help you understand the usage of some of the more inventive devices and even some interactive articles (keep your clothes on though). The Ancient Greek sandals with ‘follow my steps’ imprinted on the sole to leave a trace in the sand sit next to the most up-to-date electronic creations. Entrance is only 250ck but you can try the passion chair in the lobby for free.


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