The Best Job In The World – Announcement

Talk about hard decisions to make, guys! We’re really sorry for the delay with this announcement, but the record number of applications you sent didn’t make our lives easy. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it is that there are a lot of extremely talented people out there!

Despite only (sadly) being able to pick two winners for this job, we honestly hope you will keep working hard towards your dreams. Our most sincere thank you to all 5,354 of you who took the time and effort to submit an application. We can assure you that picking only two winners was not an easy task!

But a decision had to be made, so please join us in congratulating our new Brand Ambassador and Video Producer for this season: Leanne Melody and Jake Baine! They will be hitting the road very soon so stay tuned & get ready to experience a summer of travelling with Busabout with them!

Thank you all for being part of this. Don’t stop chasing your dreams.

The Busabout Team